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Master Forms Builder - terms
Friday, 16 June 2017 09:12

Terms and Conditions

These terms and Conditions will be governed and therefore either limited by or extended by the laws pertaining to the carriage or usage of electronic media in the host country (Australia) or by the country where you are viewing these terms from or are located in. By continuing to use this website and or its subscription-services you, being a subscriber or not, are deemed to be in agreement with the terms-and-conditions found on this (or these) page(s), including our privacy-policy and disclaimer. If you do not agree with any of the information found on this or these page(s) you should discontinue your use of this website and any of its services immediately.

These terms and conditions set out the definitions and rules which will apply to you when you are using or accessing any of our subscription services and the data and or information available via this website using any of domain available for this websites and its services.

Website Content: All data, information, tutorials, support information and all text or other content contained within or on this website which is not the copyrighted property of any other 3rd party is deemed to be the copyrighted property of MasterForms Builder which is a name and domain managed and owned by MasterForms Mobile & Web. No data, text or any form of copyrighted information from this website may be used for any other purpose outside of this websites intended purpose and may not be distributed or used by any electronic or other types of media without the explicit consent of MasterForms Mobile & Web or its individual copyright owner.

Our subscription services currently have four different levels of usage levels. These are as follows:

1) 'Free' which defines a subscription service or application available for no cost to the user but with certain programmatic and functional limitations and is available only for non-commercial usages and shall not be used on any website which engages in a monetary based service of any kind.

2) 'Private' which defines a subscription service or application which has the same conditions as the 'Free' service but has certain limitations removed and requires a monthly subscription fee the cost of which is defined on other pages within our website.

3) 'Business' which defines a subscription service or application which has the same conditions as the 'Free and Private' service and removes the restriction of commercial usage allowing its usage on monetary based websites and further removes limitations in programmatic functionality by allowing multiple instances of the service or application to be created for usage on as many webpages as desired within one (1) domain as one (1) host-name only and also requires a monthly subscription fee the cost of which is defined on other pages within our website.

4) 'Enterprise' which defines a subscription service or application which has the same conditions as the 'Business' service and extends its usage by allowing usage on up to twelve (12) individual domains or host-names. This defines the 'Enterprise' service as the equivalent of 12 'Business' level subscriptions and also requires a monthly subscription fee the cost of which is defined on other pages within our website.

Subscription Service Payment Variation: The three (3) previously mentioned paid subscription services ('Private, Business and Enterprise') all have a twelve (12) monthly subscription service available, the costs of which are also defined on other pages within our website. MasterForms Builder also offer variations on the subscription payments on request from current subscribers only (you must have a subscription to request variation)

Acceptable Use: It is a condition of these terms that all subscribers, regardless of the level they subscribe to adhere to these following rules, and that he/her accepts that some rules may be regarded as conditional upon the laws of the country that directly governs their usage of electronic media services and of the internet and that the rules set forth herein are not final and should be considered a minimal guideline of acceptable use of the subscription services provided by the website and domain under and under their subsequent sub-domain hosts.

1) A subscriber may not at any time attempt to use or circumvent the programmatic functions available to a subscription level which is higher that the level to which they are subscribed.

2) A subscriber may not at any time access or attempt to access and information belonging to another subscriber unless it is by the means provided by the software within this subscription service or by the subscribers own website where their popup data is made available by them to the general public.

3) A subscriber may not access their account after cancelling or reversing their initial subscription payment before it has been processed. As matter of courtesy we give subscribers access to their subscription immediately upon subscribing with an allowance of 24 hours for processing of their subscription payments.

4) A subscriber may cancel their subscription at any time using the 'Un-Subscribe' button which is available and always visible after logging in to their account and accessing the users admin area. The un-subscribe process will prevent any further automatic subscription payments from being processed after their monthly period has expired. Their account will be reduced to the 'Free' subscription type and any Pop-Up instance created with a higher level will become unavailable for viewing on their website or websites.

5) All 'Free' level subscribers can at any time upgrade their subscription which will begin at the date which the upgraded and consequently be re-billed on that date every month from then forward.

6) All subscription levels should use the references to available support according to their subscription levels as set-out in the support section of this website. There are variations in the expected acceptable levels of support available to each level of subscribers with the minimum level being applied to the 'Free' subscription holders.

7) Visitors to this website are welcome to create an account to be able to communicate with other users via our Forum but will not be abale to request any type of direct-support at all unless they are a participating subscriber, meaning that they have completed the setup processes and are using our application on a valid publicly visible website and or domain host.

8) All data entered by subscribers will always remain the copyrighted property property of the subscriber that places, uploads or copies the information into their accounts storage facilities for use within the subscription service aplications for which they have subscribed.


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