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Master Forms Builder - MasterForms

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These forms have been created to demonstrate some of the form-builder capabiklities of MasterForms

Nested Fieldset Form

MasterForms general use licence:

MasterForms Form Builder (Starter Edition) Joomla Extension (component)
Copyright (C) 2017  MasterForms Mobile & Web (MFMAW)

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

Joomla MasterForms version 1.0.2, Copyright (C) 2017 Gilbert Rehling
Joomla MasterForms comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see COPYRIGHT.php.

MasterForms Mobile & Web, hereby claims all copyright interest in the program
'Joomla MasterForms' written by Gilbert Rehling.

MasterForms (Starter Edition) may strictly only be used for personal or non-commercial purposes.

Gilbert Rehling, 21 April 2017
Gilbert Rehling, President of MFMAW

MasterForms is being continuously developed for several CMS platforms and frameworks. We are also building an online service targeting business users specifically for the pupose of rich-form generation.

At this moment, we only have versions completed for Joomla ®. You may select a download directly from the download-module on this website, or you may visit our Joomla! MasterForms download page here

These details compliment the information provided in the Feature Set Comparison page

  • In the MasterForms Form Builder, there is no limit to the amount of forms you can create. Create one or create a hundred. The Form List has effective filtering and search functions, making it easy to find existing forms in both the Front-End and Back-End views.
  • The Field Builder incorporates a full compliment of HTML5 compatible attributes which can be applied to any field you create.
  • MasterForms includes custom field types to easily include text content, web links, images and more. All of the 'special field types' found in Joomla!® are also present, as well as a series of 'custom field type' to assist you in creating rich form content.
  • There is built in Country list data to enable the simple creation of a Country selectors and a growing number of State/County lists to use when creating address form elements.
  • Multiple language support, with most popular languages now incorporated and many more coming. Front and Back end language packages included.
  • Actions to set/add additional repeatable fields, show one row of a particular field, and by selecting an 'Add More' button another repeating field appears. Useful for form where an unknown quantity of a particular element need to be entered.
  • All generated forms are W3C compliant, using Labels for all form elements. Labels can also be 'hidden' to allow for streamlined forms where only the form fields are visible. Useful for creating small forms or where space is limited.
  • All forms generated in the form-builder have their own set of optional parameters. These parameters enable overriding of global settings and allow each form the be individually controled and manipulated outside of the default behavior.
  • MasterForms like all good Joomla!® components has a powerful, detailed and well documented Configuration Options. These include General, Optional fields, Form and Data views options, Data submission option, Access, Remote content and Permissions. These configuration offer powerful variations to the behavior of the forms and their submitted data. Over time there will no doubt be further improvements and additions to this section as the varied implementations of MasterForms increases.
  • MasterForms is currently only available for Joomla!®, however, versions for WordPress and Drupal are currently under development. As our initial need for this component was borne in the Joomla! environment such has been our intial focus. A 'Stand Alone' version is also well under development and will probably be the next available version. This will enable MasterForms to be incorporated into many types of website formats with little or no coding required.
  • Forms are placed in categories, albeit the default category. This assists in the organisational process of managing access to forms.
  • MasterForms Pro has 'multi level' category capabilities enabling forms to be organised, filtered and searched by Parent and or Sub Category. This feature is only available in the Pro version. Using the component option or individual form-parameters you can choose to hide category filters, names and or titles. This helps in customising the view to suit you needs.
  • MAsterForms is one of the few Form Builders that enables you to quickly and easily edit or alter any previously generated element. This includes all Field information and attributes, Form elements such as Fieldset titles, Form titles or Categorys. Absolutely everything that is generated by the builders can be edited without a fuss. Remember, 'no' coding skills are required to use MasterForms Form Builder.
  • With MasterForms you can quickly and easily create Menu links to any Form, Form Lists, or saved Data items or Data Lists, All lists can be linked via category and options to include a Form below a Data Lists can also be enabled when linking to lists. A good example is the Testimonials section on this website.
  • MasterForms code comes packaged with a set of pre-generated forms which can be used immediately after initial configuration. Installation is optional, allowing you to start with a clean slate if you wish to.
  • The MasterForms component has a substantial Inline Help system within the components Back-end. Apart from an abundance of Tool Tips, both the Field and Form builders have complementary 'builder assistants' that provide live and changing information depending on the element that you have in focus. The Inline help section is also quite substantial and being constantly updated between versions.
  • Free access is available to our support forum and online help. Purchasers of the Pro Version or Premium Support are automatically subscribed to our Forum. Users of the Start version will be required to manually register for Forum access. Newsletter subscriptions are also optional available for all registered users.
  • Premium support packages are available for users of either system. These packages include 'but are not limited to' assistance with CSS customisation to help fit the form(s) look and feel into your template design. Premium Support includes an 'automatic updates' subscription key for the Starter version. These subscription can be purchased in blocks of 3 Months or Yearly.
  • Automated Inline Help is a function that seamlessly updates the Inline Help data in the components Back-end. This functionality is only available in the Pro version and can be disabled if so desired, and if so, can be triggered manually when there is an indication that updates are available.
  • MasterForms is equipped with an Inline Bug Reporting tool. This feature is only available via the components back-end, and can be triggered from any page. It primary function is to report problems directly from the page where the bug occurred, and then sends relevant data back to the developers to enable a quick-fix to be instantiated. This tool can also be used as a feature request function, directly indicating the page for the suggested feature.
  • MasterForms Pro allows automatic updates via the Joomla!® extension manager. Users of the Starter Version receive an 'update subscription key' if they purchase the Premium Support package, or they can upgrade to the Pro Version at any time, and do so without losing any previously generated forms or saved data.
  • MasterForms Pro contains functionality to generate forms directly from a Database table in Joomla!®. This provides a quick shortcut way to create forms for yous websites data needs. The form(s) can then be 'actioned' to POST data directly to the dB table which the form was derived from. All forms in both versions of MasterForms can be made to POST data to any URL. Default behavior is for submitted data to be saved within the masterforms data table.
MasterForms Feature Comparison Chart
FeatureStarter Pro
 Create an unlimited number of forms   Yes  Yes
 Complete set of HTML5 field types and attributes Yes Yes
 Generate forms with mixed content including information blocks or images Yes Yes
 Pre defined data blocks for creating 'automatically populated' select lists Yes Yes
 Multi Lingual support with English GB as the default, CN and DE coming soon Yes Yes
 Repeatable field types, enables 'single click' repetition of sets of fields Yes Yes
 Forms are W3C compliant, using Labels for every form elements Yes Yes
 Each generated form has its own optional set of parameters Yes Yes
 The MasterForms component has a substantial Options configuration section Yes Yes
 MasterForms is being developed for a multitude of CMS application Yes Yes
 Categories for easy placement of instances of forms via Joomla menus Yes Yes
 Configuration options to hide/show category filters, names and titles Yes Yes
 Quickly and easily edit or alter any previously generated form element Yes Yes
 Quickly and easliy create Menu links to any form form-list, data-list or saved data Yes Yes
 MasterForms is packaged with a set of default (pre-generated) usable forms Yes Yes
 Substantial Inline Help system within the components backend Yes Yes
 Free access to our support forum and online help Yes Yes
 Premium support packages available - includes updates for the Inline help section Yes Yes
 Automatic updates via the Joomla!® extension manager Yes Yes
 PDF generation of any the saved (submitted) data Yes Yes
 Multi level categories with parent and sub-categorys No Yes
 Full control over the 'destination PATH' for all types of file uploads No Yes
 Automated on-demand Inline Help section updating system No Yes
 Inline Bug Reporting tool in the components backend No Yes
 Generate forms directly from a Database table in Joomla!® No Yes
 Multiple Step (multiple page) form generation No Yes
 Multiple Stylesheets and CCS (stylesheet) editing capability No Yes
 PDF version generation of any MasterForms form No Yes

More detailed information can be found here.

This 'feature set' is by no means a complete listing of all the capabilitys of the MasterForms component. There are simply too many to list on one page. By studying our 'System Specific' support pages you can gain a better understanding of the full capabilities of our components.

Joomla Masterforms Support