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Thank you for visiting MasterForms, the most 'User Friendly' form builder for Joomla!®. MasterForms is much more than just a form-builder. It also serves as a data capture and containment system, and as a data display component.

With MasterForms installed, you can quickly create rich forms, link to them in the menu manager, capture the submitted data and integrate the data directly into your website content. There are many options available for viewing forms and submitted form-data via component or module. These options include but are in no way limited to 'public or registered' access. With MasterForms you can produce complex forms with many sections (fieldsets) and dozens of fields, and all fields embrace full use of HTML5 attributes.

Using the included module you can display a form or forms-list anywhere within the content areas defined in your templates. MasterForms is packaged with several default forms which you can start using as soon as you install the component. These include a 'dropin' replacement for the Contact Us form, Login/Out and more, and, when combined with the included form module, your forms can be placed anywhere within your website. Unlike the standard 'contact' form, submitted data is captured and retained in the database, giving you the ability to review submissions at a later time.

MasterForms forms are W3C compliant, and have been designed and coded to maximise access by screen readers. All code is thoroughly tested and debugged and produces absolutely 'no errors', and, our HTML and CSS in validation ready.

There are two versions of MasterForms being developed. Our Free 'Starter Version' is now available in several configurations and our 'Pro Version' is near completion. To see a chart detailing the differences between the two versions, Click Here.

Our form-builder component has a well documented 'Inline-Tutorial' section and loads of dynamic Inline-Help. The MasterForms component has been designed to enable anyone with little or 'no' experience in programming or HTML to build well defined rich forms in a very short time. In fact, our help system is so good, you will probably gain a basic knowledge of HTML just by using the builder tools.

All of the 'Forms' contained within this website have been generated by MasterForms. You may notice that some forms are 'clones' of existing standard Joomla forms. This allows you to maintain full control of the style and format of all forms on your website and also allows all of your forms to follow the same design pattern, look and feel.

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